Cylinder Mould Machine And Fourdrinier Machine

The mechanism of cylinder mould paper machine and fourdrinier machine in the paper production process of wet paper forming printing effect on paper are different.Even using the same pulp to produce the same kind of paper, the paper produced by two different paper machines is often quite different.

Paper Machine is mainly composed of wire section, press section and drying section. The wire part is divided into cylinder mould and fourdrinier. The press section consists of press roller and press felt. The drying section is composed of one or several dryer cylinders. Some fourdrinier paper machines are equipped with mechanical calender to improve the smoothness and tightness of the paper.

Comparison of Vat Machine Paper And Fourdrinier Paper

  1. 1. In tensile strength, vertical and horizontal tension difference of cylinder mould paper is much more than fourdrinier paper.

  2. 2. In terms of smoothness, the difference between two sides is considered, the mould paper is generally higher than the fourdrinier paper.

  3. 3. In uniformity, the cylinder is generally worser than the long-mesh paper.

  4. 4. The paper disease of cylinder is more than fourdrinier paper disease, and easily appear dust, block and the occurrence of edge, brittle and other defects.

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