ZDJ Series Claflin Refiner

Voltage: 380v

  • Power(W): 55KW

  • Certification: BV

  • Warranty: 1 year

  • Gig End Diameter of Rotor: 450mm

  • Conical Degree: 60°

  • Productivity: 20-60t/day

  • Consistency of Input Pulp: 2%~5%

  • Diameter of Inflow Tube: 150mm

  • Diameter of Outflow Tube: 125mm

  • Speed of motor (r/min): 970

  • Material: carbon steel

  • product capacity (t/d): 20-30

Application & Features

ZDJ series conical refiner is mainly used in purified pulp continuous beating and waste paper pulp beating in paper making industry. It can be used with  double disc refiners, advantages of which are as follows:

1. New design, resonable structure, high yield and good quality.

2. Large capacity, high beating efficiency, low energy consumption.

3. Puming effect of the refining zone is longer, the centrifugal force generated is smaller, and thus the fiber in the longer stay time of the refining zone, the fiber by refining the role  of increased frequency of the stator refining area, while receipt of refining the role of fiber number, fiber processing of more uniform.

4. The conical grinding motor, the size of the fixed ring gear is small,compact structure.

Main Specification

Type  Item


Gig End Diameter of Rotor (mm)


Conical degree(°)




Consistency of input pulp(%)


Diameter of inflow tube(mm)


Diameter of outflow tube(mm)


Motor Power(kw)


Out size dimension(mm)


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