ZSF Series Hydrapurger

Place of Origin: Henan, China (Mainland)

Model Number: ZSF

Voltage: 380V

Certification: BV

Warranty: 1 year

color: green&silver

function: screening impurity

Main specification

Normal Volume (m3)    1.2    3    5
Concentration (%)


Product Capacity (t/d)

 35-45 60-80 100-140
Motor Power (Kw)     45     75     132

Application & Feature

To remove light impurities and little weighty impurities in pulverizing machine in the pulp-making process.

1.  Compact structure, high efficiency and can be greatly simplified the process of waste paper, and let the equipment continuous operation, reducing power consumption at the same time.

2. Slurry get into the tank from the pulp inlet, and rotating with high-speed by the work of impeller so that the impeller broken the slurry secondary.

3. The slurry after broken get into the next process by the sieve behind the impeller, while go through the pulp outlet and pulp pump.

4. Part of the slurry containing light impurities get into the cylinder screener through light impurities outlet pipe ,and into the process of separate slurry and the light impurities.

5. The heavy impurities outlet pipe in the bottom of tank will eliminate weight impurities regular.

6. This series of equipment and pulper including cylinder screen can be controlled by PLC in the production process, to enable them to continuous automatic operation.

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