Leizhan Low Density Cleaner

We know the structure and function of KH Series Low Density Cleaner, but do you know the slag cleaner's material and our scope of supply? This article will give the answer about the cleaner equipment for pulp cleaning.

 Equipment Material

1. Cylinder of the first stage cleaner is 304 stainless steel tubes (4mm thick); Inlet and outlet pipe of first stage cleaner (5mm thick) and each branch is 304 stainless steel; support for carbon steel, polishing, sand blasting of steel arch structure, Polyurethane finish, two processes such as processing, with anti-corrosion, rust and other effects. After strict grinding treatment of the inlet and outlet pipeline inwall of the slag remover, the slurry can not appear and the pipe is blocked. 

2. The middle section of the second stage of slag remover is lined with ceramic and 201 stainless steel. The lower cone always becomes an equal pressure abrasion resistant industrial ceramic, in order to improve the service life of the impurity cleaner equipment.

3. Each slag cleaner, inlet and outlet, slag outlet, equipped with PVC ball valve, which is conducive to equipment maintenance in operation and adjustment of production size, to avoid the system shutdown, and enhance the equipment's continuous operation capacity.

4. Closed slag discharge.

Scope of Supply

KH-600 high efficiency slag separator for assembly after supply, users only need to import and export pipe diameter can be used to connect. Its main components are inlet and outlet main pipe, slag discharge pipe, frame, slag remover, PVC ball valve, isostatic ceramic bottom cone assembly, oil filled diaphragm pressure gauge and so on.

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