Press Felt For Paper Mill

There are a lot of problems in the process of making paper. And the advanced technology of fabric system can completely puts forward modern paper in efficiency and quality challenges War.

1. Surface Uniformity

The surface characteristics of the press felt has been influenced by three main factors: the use of wool fiber fineness, the fiber layer locking method and composition. So far, the biggest factor is wool fiber fineness.

2. Page Quality

The use of different occasions, the influence degree of the surface characteristics of the press felt on paper properties are also different. In the boot press system, the dwell time of the compression zone is long, which has a positive influence on the dynamic characteristics of the dehydration, but also has some negative effects on the quality of the paper. In recent years, effect of fabric surface characteristics on the quality of paper (especially single shoe press configuration and a series of shoe press configurations) have attracted great attention.

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