Working Principle of Conical Refiner

ZM Series Conical Refiner is mainly composed of a conical rotor with a blade and a conical casing and a clearance adjusting mechanism. And mainly used for continuously pulping wood pulp, mechanical pulp, cotton pulp and waste paper pulp and improving the beating degree. But do you know the working principle of conical refiner?

1. The Pulp Moves In The Grinding Chamber Of Conical Refiner

When the low concentration pulp enters the grinding zone, the pulp will generate circumferential velocity and radial centrifugal force under the high speed rotating rotor. The conical rotor makes the big end of the circumferential velocity and centrifugal force bigger than that in the small end. This difference leads large area static pressure being smaller than the small end. The pulp generally enters from the small end of the shell,   and remove from the bigger end. When the conical refiner operates, the integrated power source of the pulp moving in the grinding zone is the external pressure difference near the outlet pipe and the guiding force in the grinding chamber.

2. The pulp Is Grinded In The Grinding Chamber Of The Paper Pulp Refiner

Once the pulp enters the grinding cavity formed by the conical rotor and the stator, the pulp beat by mechanical force under the influence of the pressure of the pulp inlet,  the centrifugal force of the rotation of the rotor, and the scroll force. The shape of the teeth is different, and their beating properties are different. Conical refiner machine has better ability of cutting off long fiber. Besides, compared with disc refiner. In the beating process, the fiber is treated better.

3. Clearance Adjustment Between Rotor And Shell Of Refiner Machine

With the aid of a clearance adjustment mechanism, the knife and the cutter of the conical refiner for paper mill implement the axial movement of the rotor and the shell in an axial direction. The conical refiner can be regarded as a cylindrical refiner with a conical angle of 0 degrees.

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