Solution To Low Density Cleaner Faults

Do you know the faults when the waste paper pulp cleaning equipment Low Density Cleaner be in use? This article will tell us what kinds of faults may occur when we use, and why the problems appear and the corresponding solutions.

Low Density Cleaner and other equipment in paper making process should be in regular maintenance, or the impurity cleaner equipment may cause faults when running. The below are some faults, the reason causes them and the corresponding solutions.


 Low Yield

Low pulp consistencyIncrease to the first stage of slag feed
Low pressure differenceRaise the pressure drop by opening the slurry valve.
High pressure differenceSome cleaner inlet or outlet may be blockedRemove and clean clogged slag remover.
The yield is normal, but the concentration is highSome impurity cleaner inlets may be blocked

Listen to the sound of the paper pulp cleaner at work. If the slag remover is blocked, there is no working noise. Remove and  clean it.

The discharge of cleaning equipment discharge pipe is low or backflowHigh discharge pressureReducing discharge pressure
Low pulp pressureImprove the slurry pressure
No flow of slag discharge pipeThe lower cone of low density cleaner is blockedRemove the deslagging pipe and clean the impurities. or clean the lower cone and clean the cone and cleaner
Cleaner equipment parts or lower cone wearThe blocked slag runs for a period of time in the cleaning equipmentRegular check if the system is blocked when running.
Leak at the flange jointVibration of pump and regulating valve

Regular tightening and inspection

If the users don't pay much attention to the waste paper pulp cleaning equipment, there may also be other faults such as: leakage occurs between the lower cone and the slag remover or the slag pipe of the cleaner equipment rupture and so on. If you want to know more corresponding measures, you can contact us at any time.


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