2017 Shenzhen Paper Making Science And Technology Exhibition



Exhibition Scope of Paper Making Technology Exhibition

1. Pulp and paper machinery equipment, spare parts, auxiliary equipment, automation equipment and instrumentation;

2. Various commodities, pulp, paper and paperboard;

3. Waste paper and waste paper utilization technology, equipment, etc.;

4. Paper chemicals;

5. New technologies and equipment for environmental protection and comprehensive utilization;

6. Specialty paper materials and equipment;

7. Packing materials and production equipment.

Information About The Paper Making Exhibition

Exhibition Date: 13th-15th, 9, 2017

City on Display: Shenzhen

Sponsor: China Paper Making Association, China Pulp and Paper Institute, China Pulp Research Institute

Organizer: China Pulp and Paper Research Institute

Exhibition Hall: Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center