Paper Machine Headbox

Product Name: paper machine headbox
Brand: Leizhan, China
Material: CI
Product definition: Paper Machine Spare Part
Function: uniformly distributes paper
Hardness: HRC 40~68
Size: Customer`s Requirement
Structure: Double

The headbox is a device for paper pulp access on paper machines. The paper making machine headbox is connected with the pulp flow system of paper machine, and create good conditions in the forming of paper machine of paper.

Requirements of Headbox

    1. The paper machine spare part headbox distributes pulp evenly along the banner of the paper machine. The pulp flow rate on the wire must be stable, without disturbance and large eddy currents.

    2. The headbox effectively disperse fibers to prevent agglomeration. It is required that the pulp must be uniformly dispersed fiber suspension, and as far as possible, to keep the fibers in the pulp stream without alignment.

    3. Ensure that the pulp speed and network speed to adapt to the coordination relationship, and easy to control and adjust.

    4. Each channel of headbox paper making machine should be smooth, avoid in the flow process, the phenomenon may occur in the pulp slurry, and easy cleaning.

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